The most unique twins: 46-year-old mom is glad she made the right choice


We have all heard at least once that children with Down syndrome are often called “sunny”. After all, they differ from everyone else in their uniqueness and such qualities as kindness, responsiveness, sincere cheerfulness and philanthropy.

But learning about this, many parents experience real stress. They need time to accept the situation for what it is and become truly happy.

So 46-year-old Julia McConnell, when she learned that her two future twins would suffer from this pathology, was horrified.

His first thought was to give them up for adoption, but still she found the strength to cope with this and did not regret it! Julia and her husband deliberately planned the pregnancy and knew about all the possible risks.

Before considering the issue of pregnancy, they were already warned about the possible risks of pathologies associated with the age of the parents. They both admitted that the day the babies were diagnosed was the worst day of their lives.

Future parents did not even imagine how they would raise children with unusual needs, it was scary and terrible. So, they decided to talk to couples who had already had a similar experience, and after receiving the information, it became a little easier for them.

When a woman first saw her twin children, she experienced indescribable pleasure and realized what a mistake she could have made by not accepting them. She said that her heart skips a beat every time she looks at them!

Everyone knows that the risk of having special babies depends on the age of the expectant mother.

For example, at 25 years of age, the probability of having children with Down syndrome is 1/1400, and after 40 years – about 1/60. And the probability of giving birth to twins with Down syndrome is approximately 14:1,000,000.

They try to spend more time with their children, but they were very worried about their future so that they would not be mistreated and ridiculed.

But this is after… In the meantime, their family is happy and enjoys every day they live! If it was interesting, please share it with your friends and family !

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