Twin brothers wedded twin sisters and had twins as well: see how they look now


Every year, strange and bizarre festivals are held in the town of Twinsburg.

All twins in town have indeed been welcomed to the celebration.

This custom dates back to 1976 and is still being practiced today.

Craig and Mark, Sanders’ siblings, attended the event in 1998.

There were 36 additional twin brothers among them who came to spend the day chatting with others.

It was a shock, though, because the event would bring together two families at the same time.

That occasion was equally significant for the Nettmaye sisters, Darlene and Diana.

During the festival, these people quickly noticed and became acquainted with one another.

It turned out that Craig admired Diana at the same time that Mark saw Darlene and fell in love with her at first sight, as the brothers later admitted.

Wow, such a lucky coincidence! Couples began to converse and date one another starting on that day.

They made the decision to be married on the same day after a few months.

At the wedding, the couple’s parents in particular were overjoyed to see two of their children marrying at the same time.

The delivery of twins, twins, and more twins was the most amazing moment.

Craig and Diana welcomed identical twins Brandy and Candy in 2001, making them the happiest parents ever.

Later, twins were also born to Mark and Darline. Share with your friends and fmaily to make their day and fill it with love and light.

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