Then and now: after 50 years of marriage, this adorable couple re-captured 12 images from their wedding


A significant and important milestone in everyone’s life is almost certainly marriage.

Choosing the ideal individual to stay by your side for a long-term partnership may occasionally be difficult and complicated.

Getting married entails having a kid and sharing all of your happy and difficult times with the other person.

It becomes tough and responsibility to decide whether to be wedded or not after reading about so many breakup tales.

As these heroes have dedicated their whole marriage creating their fairy tale of happiness, we hope that their narrative uplifts you.

The 50th anniversary of Carolyn and Kelly’s union was recently celebrated.

On March 12, 1971, the pair was hitched.

Despite having been together for 50 years, they continue to have happy and quiet lives.

In addition to the husband’s kidney transplant 17 years ago, the wife underwent a breast cancer procedure.

The couple has 3 children and 4 grandkids.

Therefore, Carolyn made the decision to replicate the stunning photographs from their wedding photos and go again to their ceremony day in order to make their ceremony day unforgettable.

Kelly, who used to miss the significant moment in their lives, surprised Carolyn by approving the plan.

So that they may repeat their extraordinary day.

They planned the affair so that even the visitors attended the ceremony in the same church.

The bride also wore the same gown, which was still flawless after all these years.

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