An elderly double-decker bus was transformed by a single father into a comfortable mobile home for himself and his child


Over time, “van life” has spread like wildfire.

Whoever formerly only imagined living in such a house may now afford to do so.

Although this way of life is not for everyone, it is more than just a fantasy for this single parent.

He has always been certain that he will eventually live in a mobile home.

So, this 42-year-old British guy by the name of Adam Collier understood how to realize his ambition.

He once saw one of his friends selling his double-decker bus.

So he did not think twice to acquire it and transform it into a stylish and comfortable living space.

Being a carpenter and possessing “golden hands” made it simple for him to build a picturesque paradise for his daughter and himself.

Soon after, he began to design the foundation of their new mobile home.

His 12-year-old kid said that her father had always been imaginative and adventurous.

He frequently had such original ideas and made them come to pass.

Even though the bus modification had some structural problems, he was able to fix them and convert the interior into a living area.

He spent a total of $10,000 to achieve their ambition and allow them to live in their new house.

Take a look at the photos to see what a lovely and ideal home it turned into!

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