The oldest park ranger in the USA is this loyal old lady: At age 100, Betty Reid retires


Betty, who has been writing about her committed service for more than 15 years, announced her retirement at the age of 100.

She left a significant charitable legacy at Richmond’s Home Front National Register of historic places Parking, where she worked selflessly and successfully for fifteen years.

Soskin, who suddenly turned 100, has just been dubbed the most well-known park ranger working in the USA.

On April 16, the officials will hold a public celebration to honor her retirement from service.

The famous then made a formal announcement about leaving her cherished job.

In the 1940s, a Union hall employed the fabled 100-year-old woman as a file clerk.

Her spouse Mel and she would later own the “Reid’s Records” store.

She had to hunt for another employment when the business was formally shut down in 2019 nevertheless.

So, after reaching 89, Soskin began working as a ranger for the National Park Servce in 2011.

Even though she was a reliable employee, she also oversaw community initiatives, presented stories and novel concepts at the tourist center.

The courageous woman insisted that she was immensely happy of having been the main character in presenting history, which was just her narrative.

She continued by saying that it had been fun for her to give the park a new form.

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