Every day for six months, a 75-year-old grandfather volunteers at a sanctuary and takes naps with kittens


The Haven Pet Shelter in Green Bay, received a visit from an angel 6 months ago who was hiding as Terry, a 75-year-old gentleman.

A person who cares deeply about pets, he was compelled to provide a hand when he found out about the cage-free, no-kill cat sanctuary.

It didn’t take Terry long to win the hearts of all the rescue cats thanks to his charm and prowess in brushing them.

Easy conversion from a one-time visit to a committment as a recognized worker.

Every day he looks after them, snuggles with them, and even takes naps with them.

Now that he’s famous as the “cat grandfather,” he’s influencing many others to donate to the refuge.

If you’d want to provide your assistance, you may do so by like Safe Haven Shelter on Fb and giving them money through their website.

Meet Terry, a 75-year-old grandfather who often stops by his neighborhood animal sanctuary, the Shelter in Wisconsin.

He enjoys taking naps, namely those when he can snuggle with rescue kittens.

He never leaves home without his dependable blue kittie brush.

In the intervals between each cat’s turn, he sneakily takes a little snooze.

The internet has to concur that he is a true jewel in the refuge.

He is so cute, and the internet believes he ought to get an Instagram profile.

He has gained notoriety at the neighborhood charity and been given the moniker “Cat Grandpa.”

He is encouraging many of people to donate to the refuge.

further encourages donors to give to the unqiue needs pets.

He is now a recognized volunteer at the sanctuary, and the animals are gratefull for his efforts.

He will always be remembered online as the most bighearted grandfather ever. Share with your pals and family.

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