Adoptive parents locked the siblings; later they encounter the man who rescued them from abuse


Carlyle, a caregiver, paid a visit to Sharen and Michael’s Ohio home in October 2003.

He was having a work meeting for a part-time position assisting the couple with their 11 adopted kids.

But as soon as he entered the home, Carlyle sensed something was terribly wrong.

The Blade reported that he claimed to have seen the unimaginable: that the Gravelles had warned him not to go up the stairs where the children slept.

And that Sharen had instructed one of the children to go up the stairs and shut himself in his cage after using the bathroom in his underwear.

He had advised him he’d understand if the children were attempting to flee their kennels if their fingers were being severed from the cables.

He cried as he left the house in his car. He declined the position.

Rather, he raised the alarm about what he seen and heard.

The Gravelles were ultimately found guilty of child abuse and endangering children.

Two of the 11 kids originally kept in cages by their adopted families, Simon and Abba, told their tales on the Dr.

Phil program in 2017. The kids have become resilient and role models for young people.

His initial phone call eventually rescued Simon and Abba from a lifetime of torture, and even though they never had the chance to meet him, they will always be thankful.

He said to Dr. Phil, “If he were here right at the moment, I would happily give him the greatest embrace ever and remind him that I adore him.” “He kept me alive. She was saved by him.”

The most heartfelt reunion possible is about to happen, but they are unaware that he is waiting backstage.

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