They lived happily after 64 years and died on the same day hand in hand: a delightful love story


Dolores and Trent Winstead began dating shortly before Trent was drafted into the army and sent to fight in Korea. He regularly wrote long letters to her, telling her how glad he was to hear from her.

He wanted Dolores to be his wife so badly that he proposed to her while she was brushing her teeth – how can you refuse when you have a toothbrush in your mouth ?!

They lived happily after 64 years and died on the same day hand in hand.

They were completely different, Dolores was a quiet woman who liked to stay at home and cook. And Trent, on the other hand, was always on the go, full of ideas, regularly spending his free time out playing golf or fishing. He worked at the factory, and she taught literature.

When they both retired, the couple often spent evenings together at home, watching the evening news and going to church on Sundays.

He called her “Mom” or Eileen’s middle name, kissed her in the most unexpected ways, and danced with her on weekends. It looked simple but so sweet, they loved each other and every day their love grew stronger.

Trent was one of those who preferred not to see a doctor, but to cope with all ailments on his own. But this time he became so ill that his daughter still managed to persuade him to go to the hospital.

There, it turned out that Trent’s kidneys were in dire need of dialysis, and he, in turn, significantly weakened his heart.

The children tried to protect Dolores from bad forecasts, but she already saw that her husband was getting worse and worse.

Dolores spent a lot of time next to her husband, she even slept in intensive care. She was so worried about Trent that one night she, too, became ill and began to vomit.

However, she categorically refused to leave her husband. So she fell asleep holding his hand. She had fallen asleep in this position more than once, so no one suspected, only when her daughter tried to wake her mother and could not, they sounded the alarm.

The doctors could not explain how it could happen so quickly and without any prerequisites. The kids tried to explain to Trent that a tragedy had happened, but he refused to believe it. The nurse put him in a wheelchair and took him to his wife.

She was still breathing, but her brain was no longer signaling. Trent was crying as he shook his wife’s hand and said, “Wake up, Eileen.”

That night, Trent was only able to sleep for one hour. When he woke up, he asked: “Is Mom still breathing? “Yes, daddy, breathe,” her daughter replied.

Seeing the deteriorating condition of the spouses, the hospital staff decided to place two patients in the same room, despite the fact that this was contrary to all hospital rules. They lay side by side, holding hands, when Dolores suddenly stopped breathing…

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