Wrinkled hands and wig: what the incredible Monica Bellucci looks like now


57-year-old Monica Bellucci is still an icon of beauty and sexuality. The actress, despite her age-related changes, in every possible way refuses beauty injections and plastic surgeries.

Monica initially opted for natural aging without any intervention. Fans strongly support the actress on social networks, convincing that even with wrinkles on her face, she is the most beautiful.

And this is a fact! Despite the changes and fine wrinkles, the face of the actress has not changed much.

Proof of this is the appearance of Bellucci at the presentation of a book about the greatest opera singer of the 20th century, Maria Calass.

Monica appeared before reporters in a scarlet dress with a deep neckline and long wavy hair, more like a wig. The image was complemented by the actress’s favorite makeup – light smoky eyes in black and brown tones.

The face and neckline of the actress looked toned, fresh and radiant. Bellucci constantly smiled, and mimic wrinkles on his face only gave him charm.

But at some point, Monica began to actively gesticulate and those present noticed that her hands had pronounced veins and wrinkles. It was they who gave out the true age of Bellucci.

Despite this, Monica is completely satisfied with herself and her appearance. The actress reasonably understands that it is impossible to be forever young, but she has to maintain her beauty.

The main thing is to know the measure! If Bellucci was able to come to terms with his age and changes, then many of his colleagues in show business do not dare to do so. For example, Madonna.

The singer categorically refuses to grow old, from time to time resorting to operations and beauty injections.

She has already changed beyond recognition and is 20 years younger, but even this did not make her give up on photo retouching. If it was interesting, please share it with your friends and family !

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