The couple did not allow the kitten to stay outside, adopting him, the rescued kitten and the dog became friends


When Veronica and Victor were returning home from work one day, they saw a small kitten in a tree, calling for help. The couple couldn’t see him because of the leaves, so they just walked home together.

One day, Veronica saw a kitten through the kitchen window and realized that she was tired of sitting there, but could not bring herself to go downstairs.

Veronica felt very sorry for the cat, and she decided to call the Ministry of Emergency Situations to save the poor kitten.

But the dispatcher did not take his words seriously and said that they were only engaged in saving people.

So Victor had to climb the tree alone. Far from the first time, he managed to tear off the villi from the tree, but at the cost of his scratched hands, he got it all out of there.

They brought the kitten home, washed it, fed it and decided to keep it. While the baby was fast asleep, Victor went to the park with his son. Suddenly they heard a loud cry of a puppy among the bushes.

It turned out that there was a pond behind the bushes and the poor puppy could not get out of the water, because his paws were tangled in a plastic bag.

This time Victor had to undress and save another furry friend. He had to take him home, wash him, feed him, and then he lay down next to them. Since then, they have become inseparable. If it was interesting, please share it with your friends and family !

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