Husband asks wife to bring fluffy cat home by sending her photo of kitten


Partners often manage to get along with each other and compromise when they disagree. This usually leads to a discussion of conflicting points of view.

The man once spotted a small kitten aimlessly wandering around the area adjacent to the parking lot.

He took a picture of him and contacted the woman to ask if she could take him home. Later, the woman claimed that she could not have reacted differently to this.

He had various problems and his health was not in order. The father felt that he could not leave him in such a situation and could not say “no” to this.

The cat was fed and bathed immediately. The cute puppy was immediately delighted and the next morning he was taken to the clinic for a full examination.

At that time she was completely healthy and she was about a month old. On the way home, they brought her a tray, delicious food and cute toys.

The family named the cat Axel and he quickly became friends with everyone. The couple never guessed about his decision to protect her forever.

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