Irish business pays employees to cuddle with cats all day


Finding a job might be challenging in current market. And even if you are fortunate enough to get employment that pays well, it probably won’t be in a profession you find very interesting.

But it is simpler to obtain a college degree in the United States, finding a career that you genuinely enjoy doing can be on the other side of the Atlantic.

You might want to relocate to Ireland if you’re just 2 animals away from becoming known as the town’s crazy cat woman.

The finest work opportunity for any cat lover is undoubtedly at the Just Cats clinic in Dublin.

In exchange for giving homeless cats the care they require, they will pay you.

But just like many other employment openings, the Just Kitty clinic has some qualifications for potential cat cuddlers.

You’ll be touching and stroking cats for a significant amount of time, so you should have delicate hands.

You must speak softly since some cats require assistance in relaxing.

Knowing how to interpret the various purrs made by each cat will give you a distinct boost over other candidates since communication is a two-way street.

So, if you’re sick of getting out of bed every morning for a job you despise, snap a few photos of your kitties, and email your résumé and cover letter to the clinic right here.

You never know—you could be lucky enough to secure the position that every cat lover dreams of having.

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