Hikers save a Golden Retriever who was lost for 2 weeks in the snowy Wicklow Mountains


When their doggie, which had been lost for 2 weeks in the Wicklow Mountains Nature Reserve, was discovered unharmed by hikers, a couple in Ireland saw a miracle.

Early in January, an 8-year-old named Neesha became lost in the mountains.

She was taken for a lengthy walk by the owners together with Harley, a sheepdog.

When they spotted the animal, both canines ran away.

While Neesha fled without a sign, she finally found her way back (she was found in the car park the next day).

The doggie vanished despite the owners searching the woods and using drones in the air.

They then placed a basket of dirty laundry close to where they had last seen her in the hopes that Neesha would scent it and leave the area.

Additionally, the fam announced the puppy on social media. As time went by, there were no updates about Neesha.

The owner of the doggie, Erina, stated, “We were searching for her for a week, then the other, but we began to lose faith.”

The fam started to come to terms with the idea that their doggie would never turn up again.

Then word broke: despite the cold and snowy circumstances, doctors and sometimes avid hikers Jean-François and Ciara had found a puppy on top of one of peaks, snuggled up between gigantic rocks.

According to her captors, was trembling all over and scared. They tried to put her on her paws, but she kept falling.

With her spouse bringing her down the mountain, she placed the doggei on his back and walked 10 km away down a challenging terrain.

The man repeatedly fell after slipping on the ice. For his safety, Ciara used a scarf to tie the retriever to his bag.

As soon as possible, the couple contacted Ash Animal Sanctuary, and to identify the pup, they sent the receptionist a video of the dog.

The doggie survived for two weeks on a chilly mountainside without food or water, and the rescue group, who was already informed that the family was looking for her, couldn’t trust their senses when they found her.

It sounded miraculous, in a way. Neesha wasn’t feeling well overall, but she was malnourished and had lost a significant amount of weight.

We had almost given up hope on that particular Saturday, so when I received her message informing me that she had located our golden retriever, she recalls, “We were simply so, very pleased.

They were simply outstanding. We can’t express our gratitude to them enough. We were very relieved.

“We were speechless while thanking her heroes for returning her to us. They are wonderful people.

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