The dog waits for several days at the entrance of the hospital, waiting for its owner


Dogs are man’s most loyal and loving companions, but when it comes to loyalty, we can’t forget Bonchuk, the dog who waited outside the hospital for his closest friend.

He decided to accompany his father Cemal Centurk to the hospital on 14 January. The dog has been the most frequent visitor to the medical facility ever since Jemal fell ill and needed treatment.

According to the guard, the dog came every day around 9 am and waits patiently behind the sliding glass door. This dog usually stays in one place and hopes to be reunited with his best friend.

Dzhemal’s family took Bonchuk home, but he refused to stay and continued to return to the hospital. Even when he brought him home, he ran away and returned there to wait for him.

Bonchuk stood at the entrance to the hospital, not interfering with anyone and calmly waiting for Semar’s orders. He did not enter, but only stuck his head out to look at him when the door to the infirmary opened.

Bonchuk has been a frequent visitor to the hospital since his owner was transferred there, and the medical staff are impressed by his dedication. They all brought him treats in their free time, greeted and cheered the dog.

The behavior of the cute dog was so impressive that the hospital administration called a special meeting for Semar and his faithful companion.

After the reunion, the dog was admitted to the hospital, seated at the owner’s bedside, and lovingly bathed.

He was clearly delighted, and his behavior is changing. Seeing him, he wagged his tail with joy and smiled. If it was interesting, please share it with your friends and family !

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