A touching video of a German Shepherd snuggling into the arms of his new owner touched millions of hearts


The moment this shelter dog meets his new home is very touching.

However, when this dog greeted his new real life friends, it resulted in even less touching action than we expected.

And that’s exactly what Dahlia the German Shepherd and her owners experienced. They filmed everything and posted it on social media.

The video was posted on TikTok showing the dog’s touching encounter with his new owner. The video has received tens of millions of views. The moment of life that it allows to reveal is a pure miracle.

Newsweek told about it. Eric Liu once went to a shelter with his partner to meet a dog they wanted to adopt. This dog’s name is Dalia, it’s a German Shepherd.

The couple had a good idea to film their meeting, because the reaction of the animal to Erica was just incredible.

They all wagged their tails at the same time, clearly showing them their joy and happiness, which she experienced at that moment.

A video posted later shows the dog’s new life with its owner and their other dog, Zeus, also a German Shepherd.

They said that none of them expected this video to get so many views and go viral. She told everyone to go find the dog of their heart and live their good and happy lives.

They also said about Dahlia that he feels very good. He already knows a few commands and tricks, it’s love at first sight! If it was interesting, please share it with your friends and family !

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