A heartbroken dog returns to his best friend’s grave every day


Last week, this sad dog named Caesar lost his owner and best friend, but he remained faithful to him even after his death. His friend, 79-year-old Mehmet, died in the hospital.

Because of the man’s paralysis, they had a very different connection.

When he was in the hospital in the last days of his life, Caesar completely stopped eating.

Everyone was very surprised to see how the dog behaved at the funeral of the owner.

When Mehmet’s body arrived home, Caesar did not leave him even a meter.

The dog even led a procession formed to transport the coffin to the local mosque for the funeral. He did not leave until they carried him to the grave and buried him.

Mehmet’s son brought the dog to his home, but for 5 days he kept returning to his master’s grave.

People who work at the cemetery say that in the morning he is the first to visit his grave.

Mehmet’s son understood the situation only after he decided to go after the dog one day.

The man’s family says they will do everything to comfort the grieving pet. From now on, he will live with the owner’s daughter.

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