A girl without legs became a successful athlete: nothing is impossible


Meet Paige Celandine, an 8-year-old little girl who, though born without legs, has never given up in her life.

This is all thanks to their strong parents, who raised their daughter with great will from childhood.

They decided long ago that their daughter Paige would do gymnastics when she was only 18 months old.

The sweet girl is now in 4th grade at Maysville School in Ohio.

In one of her interviews, she said that her parents always did everything to keep her healthy and fit.

She admitted that at first it was very difficult for her to overcome difficulties, especially without legs, especially when she was different from other athletes.

But then she gathered her strength and overcame all the difficulties, with the help of which she reached the peak of success.

Thanks to her demanding coaches Sean and Heidi Paige became a very famous track and field champion.

One of her coaches, Esther Waibel, said she used to call Paige “an integral part” of their team.

In this way, everyone could believe in her potential and the incredible power that is within her.

Can you imagine how such a little girl can be so strong and agile?

Now, Paige continues her fame as she uses prosthetic legs to move from class to class.

Outside of athletics, she is especially good on mats, where she can move around easily without any tools.

She is strong enough to handle whatever she loves and wants to do.

What an amazing girl! Keep it up, we’re proud of you!

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