The dog rushed at the girl and did not let her get to the car, saving her life


One day Rodney was walking to the car with his daughter Harper and suddenly she started screaming that someone was pushing her.

The father turned and saw that their huge pit bull was standing there with large snakes behind it. It happened in Idaho. Their home was among the endless prairie, overgrown with sage.

The man was so scared that he didn’t notice their German Shepherd and Pit Bull run out of the house. The shepherd pounced on the snake, and after him the pit bull, they tried to keep them away from the child.

At this time, the father of the child grabbed a shovel and killed one of them, and their pit bull went after the snakes and after that did not return home that day.

The next day the dog returned, but the poor pit bull had a very swollen muzzle, it was clear that the snake had bitten him, it was snake venom.

Rodney said that their pit bull decided it would be best if he moved away from the house so the snakes wouldn’t hurt anyone but him. He risked his life for them, it was so touching!

The next day, the effect of the poison on his face weakened and the dog returned to the house. Immediately after that, the man with the pit bull went to the veterinary clinic, it was good that it was not too late.

Everything was fine with him, he underwent treatment and quickly returned to his former life. This is such a noble boy, well done, brave dog ! If it was interesting, please share it with your friends and family !

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