At the age of 4, she was called “the most beautiful girl in the world”: this is how she looks now


This is Kristina Pimenova, “The cutest girl in the world”, who was born in December 2005.

Christina has social networks, on which she currently has more than 2 million subscribers.

This is understandable, because this is one of the most beautiful female models.

She really deserves it because she has very cute features.

Her mother says that she never had anything to do with the modeling business,

but some of Christina’s subscribers say that her mother also has an attractive appearance.

Her mother usually takes care of household chores and now does not work in her profession.

As for the girl’s father, he is a football player who played for the Lokomotiv club. He has also played for other football clubs and has many awards.

The girl also did rhythmic gymnastics for a long time, she is also a gymnast.

But her schedule was too tight and she gave up gymnastics. Sometimes she could not even eat normally and ate only in the car on the way to her classes.


She is now a good student, it is very important for her to know all the school material, so she tries not to put it off until later.

At first, the modeling business was an ordinary game for the girl, and she did it as a hobby, she was very interested.

She had a lot of filming and she eventually got used to her busy schedule. Despite everything, she began to get used to it and eventually took her job seriously.

Kristina started shooting seriously for the first time with the Sylvian Hatch Kids store and during this time her pictures were spread all over the Internet.

After that, other companies began to be interested in her and she had great success. Other companies also began to invite her and she became a real model.

She was invited from Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Roberto Cavalli and so on. She had a great career and many contracts.

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