An elderly woman got a call, they said that her grandson had an accident, the answer of the grandmother shocked everyone


Grandmother Marie was doing needlework at 10 am when she suddenly got a call. She put her manual work aside and answered the phone.

Grandmother Marie was informed that her grandson was in a car accident, which was the fault of the grandson himself.

The caller said that his expensive car was damaged in a car accident, there were many victims, and his grandson should be arrested.

However, he also offered to pay the grandmother a certain amount of money for her grandson’s release from prison.

“How much money do you need?” Grandma asked.

– 100,000, – they said from the other side of the telephone line, – prepare the money, one of ours will come to you now.

The woman was warned not to tell anyone about the call, otherwise her grandson would be arrested.

“But I don’t have that much money,” Grandmother Marie answered frightened, “for this I have to go to the bank, which is located on the other side of the city.

– Come out, a blue car is waiting for you near the building, they will take you there. And remember, don’t say a word to anyone for your own safety.

After passing the whole city and stopping at the bank, the driver put his finger to his lips in a sign of silence.

Grandmother Marie went to the bank and returned only half an hour later and, taking a deep breath, said that she had forgotten the pin code of the card and that they should go to the country house where she kept the card data.

The dacha was located 30 km from the city, from where the grandmother came out with two large heavy bags filled with potatoes.

The driver told him to put the potatoes in the trunk so she could get to the city early, and Grandma told them to take the potatoes home from the start. On the way, she asked the driver to stop at the store to buy bread and milk.

The driver was angry but said nothing. Several hours had passed since the incident, but Grandma Marie was so calm. She asked the driver to help her carry the sacks of potatoes to the house.

The police were already waiting for them at home.

“And your grandson,” the detainee asked in confusion.

“I don’t have any grandson,” Grandmother replied. She had already realized that she was being deceived.

She was asked why she then went to the bank, she said that she needed to make payments, and then she went to the dacha, because she needed to bring potatoes from there.

“I am not an ordinary grandmother for you, whom you can deceive, I am a former police major,” the grandmother said, and everyone was surprised by her answer.

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