On her first trip to New York, Dolly Parton was kicked out of her hotel…


In his show, Conan O’Brien hosts famous celebrities who know the whole world. One day his guest was Dolly Parton, who shared a bit of happiness with her audience.

Dolly delights Conan and his live audience, she was dressed in bright green. It was probably to enliven the New York evening scene. It all starts with a funny story about their first meeting in New York.

Dolly and her partner visit New York one day, this was before she became famous. The girl was mistaken for a prostitute and both of them were thrown out of the hotel because of her appearance and “long hair”.

Both of them wandered around the city all night and came up with different options where they could spend the evening. Suddenly, a man approaches Dolly to get her “services”.

She threatens him to draw a weapon to ward him off. During the story, Conan burst out laughing, struck by Dolly’s story.

Dolly returned to New York after that evening filled with bad luck, but despite everything, she fell head over heels in love with the city. She continues her story to Conan.

She also talks about how sensational publications usually seem to fixate on her. She’s really good at posting fabricated stories on social media. We’re obsessed with you too, Dolly!

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