This guy planned to travel around the world alone, but look who he decided to explore the world with!


In September 2018, 31-year-old Dean Nicholson had a great idea: he decided to travel around the world!

First, the Scot went on a solo bike tour in his hometown of Dunbar in order not to slow down the process and turn this plan into reality. Dean’s adventure was generally going well when he began his journey south.

During this time, he was able to visit a total of 8 different countries. But Dean’s plans changed dramatically when he crossed the country’s state border with Montenegro.

Loud music was playing outside, but Dean suddenly heard a loud meow, which he immediately understood where it was coming from.

He noticed that a small cat was sitting next to him and looking at him with her big and cute eyes while he looked around.

He immediately walked over to the cat and stroked it before moving on down the path. But it looks like the cat had other plans… Dean didn’t even think about taking the cat with him.

But, having touched her, he fell head over heels in love and could not let go of the cat. He realized that he had been abandoned and that he was probably starving on the street.

Without hesitation, Dean took the cat with him and took him to the nearest veterinary clinic.

After making sure that he was completely healthy, the gentleman named him Nala and they set off together back on a trip around the world.

He made room on his bike for him, removed the front digital gear and basket, replaced them with a zip-lock pet bag.

And Nala showed his cheeky side. Dean says that the cat loves to travel around the world with him.

It often attracts the attention of locals from other countries. Some of them even took pictures with the cat after learning about its history.

One day, Dean and the cat were caught in a heavy downpour, causing Nala to get sick and Dean realizing how much the cat was dear to him.

He stayed in one of the dorms with him while the cat recovers. All is well with Nala now. He continues to communicate with everyone and everyone likes him.

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