6.5-foot-tall newborn giraffe learns to run out of its cage for the first time


One day a baby giraffe was born at the Chester Zoo. All employees were very happy about his birth. Little Murchison was a very distrustful and shy fellow.

Zoo staff decided to open the enclosure doors for him so that Murchison could take a short walk while they could easily clean up his yard.

Even though he was 6.5 feet tall, he was a very small baby. He was unable to gather his strength and went into a completely new territory for him.

He couldn’t stay there when he saw his mother wandering around the fence. He gathered all his strength and decided to pursue her.

His desire to follow her was stronger than his desire to try and see something completely new for himself. He walked around the zoo, waving his long legs, delighting everyone who was present there.

All the workers breathed a sigh of relief when they saw that the little giraffe was finally able to get out of the enclosure.

It was an incredible adventure for a baby giraffe who just started to explore this world!

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