Doctors decided on the most difficult operation: they split the heads of babies at 11 months old, look how they look


Our story today is about unique twins who were born in 2016, but their birth was not what it should have been. The twins’ names are Abby and Erin.

Babies after birth weighed 900 grams and were born 10 weeks earlier than expected. They had one very big problem – they both had spliced ​​brains and the doctors didn’t know what to do about it because it wasn’t the kind of thing they had seen so many times.

Parents, of course, did not want to leave them after learning the reality, but made decisions in advance to resolve this issue. They wanted to help the girls in every way so that they could live a full life.

The girls were 11 months old when the doctors decided on a very difficult operation, they did not even make promises, because there was a clear danger that one of the sisters could die during the operation … They all knew the risks they were taking!

But fortunately, the girls were able to survive after the 11-hour operation and everything is fine with them. They recently turned 4 years old and live a full life, like all girls their age.

The mother of the girls is very proud of the work of doctors and says that they are real heroes for them! And the girls are great for having passed such a test in their lives.

Doctors are also satisfied with their work and closely monitor their growth and development.

By the way, this operation was the first case in the history of medicine when twins were separated at such an early age.

Erin’s skull wasn’t damaged as much, so she recovered faster than Abby, who had risks of infection and bleeding for a while.

The doctors notified the parents of the danger before the operation.

They inserted special balls into the skulls of babies to stretch their skin on their heads.

They were afraid to do something carelessly, but they put a lot of effort into operating on children, no matter what!

The girls were soon put into an induced coma after the procedure to relieve stress.

In order to restore the brain processes that did not develop during that time, both of them are now undergoing therapy.

In the coming years, they will undergo additional procedures and examinations to replace lost bones and restore their heads.

Satisfied parents Erin and Abby are very grateful to the doctors that their daughters are growing up next to them, and they sincerely hope that they will have the happy and wonderful life they deserve after such setbacks.

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