73-year-old woman claims she found her true love on social media and shares her story…


This woman is 73 years old, but at this age she was able to find a life partner and connect her life with him! This is Karol Mac, who became happy thanks to social networks.

She is a former lawyer, nurse and educator who recently posted her thoughts on love and finding love at her age during the pandemic.

She said that life has always been so unpredictable for her that she would never have thought that she would find her true love after 70 years, despite the fact that she was married before! She still continued to believe in love and in what she could do!

In addition, the woman uploaded a photo of her engagement ring and stated that she had tried all the dating apps, but was only lucky with the latest one.

By posting this on her profile, she got a lot of replies to the tweet, but only picked the best ones.

Suddenly she found someone who was about her age, was a professor at the university, like her, and professed the same religion. This, of course, could not be just a coincidence!

Mac’s post, which has over a million likes, brings hope to those who still crave love.

Some wrote comments that they have singles. One user said that some people say she is too old to find him the right guy.

Agree, this is a great example of the fact that age is not needed for love! If it was interesting, please share it with your friends and family !

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