The reason why Angelina Jolie’s 13-year-old decided not to live with her anymore


13-year-old daughter Angelina Jolie recently announced on her social media that she has decided to live with her father.

According to many sources, she is no longer ready to live with her mother – with Jolie, because she believes that the divorce process of their marriage offends her father. She considers this process rather dishonest towards her father.

She didn’t even ask her mother about it and just decided that she had to put her over the choice and go live with her dad because she didn’t agree with her opinions on the matter.

Her close friends said that it was very difficult for Angelina without her daughter, and she was distraught when she realized that her daughter herself decided to leave her alone.

Pitt, the girl’s father, was overjoyed when he found out about this. According to sources, the Shiloh siblings may well imitate him as well.

The situation in their house has changed dramatically compared to what they had before. Now there is no such source that, as necessary, has confirmed or denied this information.

Joyful pictures of Angelina Jolie began to appear more often on the network, but pictures cannot in any way determine her real state. Thus, her feelings and emotions towards this are incomprehensible.

Remember how ex-husbands tried for a very long time to somehow find a common language and agree on child care? At first, Jolie was against her ex-husband having any connection with them, but in the end she made a deal with him.

Now he can talk to the children and see them whenever he wants. Let’s hope that the situation of their family will quickly improve and everything will be fine for them, as before.

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