A couple from Mauritania gave birth to nine children at once, breaking the previous record


There are families in the world who dream of having twins, because their birth very often becomes an occasion for joy and happiness in families.

But it also happens that more children are born than they planned, this sometimes pleases, and sometimes becomes a cause of concern for parents.

In this story, the mother gave birth to 9 children at once! This is an absolutely rare thing, so a family from Mauritania broke the record that day!

Fortunately, it turned out that the woman did not think about this, she was very happy that she was able to give birth to 5 girls and 4 boys at once! Even though it was inexplicably difficult, it brought happiness to their family.

The pregnant woman was observed by specialists from another, more developed country in this area, because her situation was very unusual.

They were afraid that the children would not survive if the young mother gave birth to them naturally. But fortunately, everything went well, and each child weighed more than 500 grams, and every step they took was successful.

They obviously were not yet so feasible, but had already lengthened their duration under certain circumstances.

The young mother was just delighted with them! She nursed them every day and watched them grow in strength. She couldn’t wait to get home with them.

They will go home as soon as everything is perfect with them. All babies are now growing normally and do not need the help of doctors. They were born in the summer and during this period they met all the standards of the clinic.

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