The man leaves his wife after their marriage because she is infertile, but a year later an incredible miracle happens…


Miriam always thought she would have a big family when she married Ewen. When she found out she was barren, he finally left her. But she soon found out she was pregnant, and then something even more amazing happened.

When Miriam came home from shopping, Ewan had already packed up and was out.

They always wanted to get married and start a big family with many children. He didn’t want to live like this and said he should go find a lady who could give birth to him and left her.

After this departure of her husband, Miriam could not move because she felt numb and heartbroken. She hadn’t expected this. She believed they could find a common language. They could always adopt a child, there were many options.

But Yuen had already decided to leave, that’s all. Over the next few weeks, Miriam was barely able to function, barely going to work, and at home ate a lot and watched silly reality shows to dull her feelings.

However, she started to feel bad and she assumed it was due to the many snacks.

She used one of the remaining pregnancy tests after finding that her period was delayed. And miracle, she was pregnant and believed that Yuen could come back! She wondered if she wanted it back and, to her surprise, found that it was missing.

They swore to be together forever, but Yuen simply left her as if her only worth was having children. He didn’t deserve her and wasn’t the husband she knew.

When Yuen found out about her pregnancy, he offered her another opportunity. She declined and informed him that since he was still the father, they would later discuss parenting the child together later. But then she filed for divorce.

Her friends supported her as much as they could. And soon she found out that she was expecting triplets, this was wonderful news for her!

As expected, after the first trimester, her belly grew a lot. Then, at six months pregnant, it became too uncomfortable for her, but the doctors advised her to keep working until everything was fine. She spent most of the day napping and watching TV as she could barely move.

But one day she was making herself a sandwich in the kitchen, and the news was playing at full volume on the TV when she heard a story.

There was a six-car accident in Jacksonville that also killed the parents of five children and they were rushed to the nearest hospital. They were safe, but mad.

Authorities say they will soon be placed in foster care and it is unclear if they will all be adopted together. After that, Miriam felt that something had changed in her.

Most likely, pregnancy hormones or the fact that her parents died in a similar disaster and left her alone in this world could be to blame. As the news program drew to a close, tears streamed down her face, she felt she had to act.

So she dialed this number, called and asked about the five children. They specified that they would be divided among several host families.

She said she could raise her five children on her own. Miriam agreed when the social worker informed her that she would have to take a foster care course and would be assessed at home.

She asked if she could be a foster family if she was divorced. The lady replied in an uncertain tone that it would be better if she gave birth to a child and postponed anyone’s date.

She said she knew it was crazy. However, as soon as she saw the news, she knew she had to act. She once had a similar case with her parents. She asked to be given a chance and said she could do it, she had a good job, so it’s not about the money.

Finally, the CPS employee replied that she was not promising anything, but that it could work. Miriam almost exulted into the phone.

She was very grateful and said she appreciates it very much and promises not to disappoint them and the children! It was surprising, but they decided to give her five children, who were from 5 to 10 years old.

Miriam told the children she knew she could never make up for what they had lost. They were all old enough to remember their parents.

She promised to be their friend, guardian and whatever they needed. They can talk to her about anything they need, she will listen to them. She promised them that they would be safe here.

The older children went out of their way to help Miriam with the younger ones and supported her through the end of her pregnancy. They all loved the three newborns and helped him around the house.

Although they thought she was crazy to be a mother of eight children in one year, Miriam’s friends were also a great help to her.

But even though she was crazy, it all made sense. It wasn’t easy, but with perseverance, love, communication and diligence, she made it.

Miriam and her family were also featured on the same newscast she watched a year after adopting 5 siblings. If it was interesting, please share it with your friends and family !

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