Rescuers helped a neglected horse that appeared to be dead


This incident happened to a boy at a construction site in England, rescuers saved the horse’s life, not being sure they would succeed.

Volunteers from the British Horse Association were alerted to the animal’s condition. The poor animal was lying in rubbish and mud. Even when they found him, they thought he was dead.

The animal’s name is Heidi and luckily she was still alive. It was the worst case the rescuers had seen, they immediately came to help. Turns out the property owner called someone. one to remove the body of a horse he believed to be dead.

Before that, the horse suffered a lot, but the rescuers did everything to save him. The horse was in such bad condition that he couldn’t even stand up.

It was very difficult to wake him up because the animal was in a terrible condition, he was very weak and had many injuries. After five weeks he was able to get up. Thanks to the rescue organization, the animal saw now have a good life.

And those who commit such cruelties should be severely punished.

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