An American who was about to buy a house to resell it changed his mind: he found a rather intriguing surprise in the backyard…


There are many benefits to buying a finished home that has been occupied in the past. It is more affordable in terms of price, and it is also an opportunity to discover new surprises left by the former owners in the house or its surroundings.

Johnny Reynolds is an American who was taken in by a former tenant of his home in Texas. He made an unexpected discovery and immediately fell in love with his new home!

A man recently bought a property with the intention of selling it, but changed his mind when he discovered a surprise inside the house.

After the death of the former owner, he decided to buy the house and resell it. The house was empty for about a year, but by that time stray cats had settled in the house, and the yard was full of thickets.

The man made the decision to redecorate the house himself before moving on. Johnny did not care that the garden often flooded with water and was constantly wet.

One day, after bad weather, a neighbor called him. Johnny was asked if he had seen the “pool”. He said that he did not understand what he was talking about, there is no pool there. And then he replied that in fact there is!

It turned out that there is a reservoir in the area, but it is cleverly disguised. The man immediately remembered that he saw the border of garden tiles there, but mistook it for a yard or flower beds. After the downpour, the pool filled with water again, making everything transparent.

Johnny felt he couldn’t leave that water tank empty. The man was engaged in the maintenance and repair of an artificial reservoir. He expected to see cracks as the walls and floor were exposed during his cleaning. But the pool in general was in good condition.

Restoration and repair of the hydraulic structure lasted almost a year and in total cost about 12,500 euros. He calculated that the construction of the pond would cost around 200,000 euros.

The value of the house had gone up because of the pool, but Johnny didn’t want to sell it anymore. He has already fallen in love with this small and artificial lake and now swims there with his friends every day!

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