Mother deer shows her babies to her best friend the dog


The relationship between different types of animals is amazing, especially when it lasts eleven years.Meet Buttons deer and his best friend Golden Retriever G-Bro.

When the dog’s owner rescued the deer, he didn’t know how to take care of him. One of his girlfriends had experience in animal husbandry and he called his girlfriend to help take care of the animal.

Buttons quickly became a member of this family and especially became friends with the dog. And even after returning to the wild, he returned to visit his family.

He couldn’t live without his family, who loved him so much. He especially came to see his friend. Another time he came back with his cubs and he asked for help raising the cubs.

When G-Bro saw his little ones, he was very happy and became their father. The dog took care of them, protected them and continued to lick them. Buttons always considered himself a member of this family. He loved going out with the dog, walking and playing.

Hopefully their 11-year friendship will bring them joy and happiness.

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