When he grew up, the bear stayed with the family who saved him


This cub has been living with a Russian family for 23 years. It was about Svetlana and Yuri Panteleenko. They had found the bear in the forest. Indeed, this little boy had lost his mother, and in order not to be left alone in the forest, this nice family decided to bring him home.

If the bear had stayed like that in the forest, he wouldn’t have been able to survive that long!

The family called him Stepan. Since that day, Stepan has lived with the people who saved his life. He was 3 months old when he joined this family and now he was used to it.

He is already quite large, weighs a hundred kilograms and has reached a height of 2 meters.The bear enjoys watching TV with his adoptive family.

She likes to eat condensed milk but she also needs lots of fish, eggs and vegetables.Stepan is also very hardworking and helps his parents with household chores.

Svetlana and Yuri say that the animal has never been aggressive with people.

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