The cat screamed in the kitchen, the owner went into the kitchen, about to kick him out – it turned out that the cat warned him of the danger


There are many stories about cats that have saved their owners. And their list goes on day after day.

One day the owner went on vacation and decided to entrust her cat to her brother. Her brother decided to move briefly into her sister’s apartment so that he could more easily look after the cat.

On the day of the move, the young man became very ill and caught a cold. In general, he had a headache, had a fever, severe nasal congestion, cough, and so on. All he wanted was to lie down and sleep.

But it didn’t work. At some point, he heard a cat screaming in the kitchen. So much so that he had to immediately get up from his seat to see what happened there.

Therefore, he fed him, poured drinking water and even squeezed him. He just went back to sleep and everything started again. That scream again, but this time it didn’t seem to come from a cat.

The boy stood up again, this time feeding the cat meat, stroking it again, then checking the litter box, which was completely clean. Not realizing anything, he went back to sleep. And then, as you might guess, the cry of that very cat prevented him from sleeping.

He took a damp cloth, kicked the cat out of the kitchen and closed the door so that he would not return. But the cat was not going to do it, he started screaming under the kitchen door. It was clear that something was wrong.

When he realized that he could not fall asleep, he decided to make coffee, went to the stove and … the gas was turned on, but there was no flame. Here’s how it happened and what really happened. It turns out that his life was saved by a cat.

And you know what this story is instructive? Because, dear friends, no cat cries non-stop for no reason. And the reasons may be different: the animal may get sick, it may want to eat, or it feels that some kind of trouble is coming.

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