Clever dog walk into police station to report


All the dogs are fine, but this one stands out for its step The incident happened at the Odessa police station. An unexpected guest came in, it was Chico. He’s a smart, friendly dog ​​who reported that he was missing or maybe he wasn’t lost, he was just interested in the police.

The handsome stranger didn’t have much to say, but he was very happy to entertain the guards with a few games in the station assembly as they tried to settle the matter.

Among the officers who had the opportunity to meet Chico was Sergeant Rasti Martin, who reported that the carefree kitten was not so worried that he was missing.

Officers were trying to see where he was from, so they checked his microchip. But before that, the dog decided to have fun.

He received a lot of love and attention here, then decided to leave. He had returned home safe and sound and the police could already be calm.

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