This breed of dog in the photo has become famous: a sheep comforts a dog that saved him from a wolf attack


After spruce hunting her wolf, the little lamb was completely shot by her idol and she was the reason they got the viral shot. But what is this strain and what else do we know about it? This sapin in the picture below is a kangal.

If we do not know what kind of stump it is, we are approaching the question, they were bred in Tigka and, first of all, not in Central Asia.

Tigka also banned the export of kangal in order to preserve the origin of the variety and this made it quite rare.

They are usually used to guard herds grazing in mountain regions where wolves and other blood are common.

Kangals have a muscular body with great skill and speed, making them extremely effective against bloodsuckers despite their size.

They are incredibly brave, warlike and endowed with a sharp conscience. They will protect their flocks even if they have to lose their lives. So they can be part of this whole, and their instinct does not push them to aggression or intrusion.

Kangals are actually smart when it comes to calming down, hanging an opponent or fighting.

As with the Kangal, they have the power to stop their batch of guardian beasts. These are not the kind of animals that can be locked in a box or simply left in the yard without resistance.

They can become tired and anxious if not properly trained, and their abilities can lead to destructive tendencies and incessant barking.

In the right hands, they are knowledgeable and independent dogs that can become compassionate guardians who adore their “herd”.

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