The story of how a homeless puppy got an official position as a police officer


Not so long ago, Officer Katherine Smith of the Saint Paul, Minnesota police went on a call – a certain woman was frightened that a pack of stray dogs was roaming around her house.

The pack for testing turned out to be a mongrel with a brood of small puppies, which were safely handed over to an animal shelter.

But one puppy, by chance, ended up in the station for some time and an unplanned social experiment took place.

That day, almost all the policemen stopped by the department to pet and cuddle the cute dog. But the work of the site, contrary to the fears of the authorities, did not slow down.

The officers, who work in tension all day, got relaxation and moral rest while playing with the puppy.

And now it has become an official part of the daily routine – nicknamed Sergeant Pooh, a 5-month-old puppy under contract with the canine center spends 10 hours a week at the police station as a psychotherapy dog, helping employees cope with the stress of work.

In modern realities, full-fledged relaxation and the help of a psychotherapist are practically unavailable to American police officers at work. And sitting on opiate painkillers and antidepressants is also not an option, while Sergeant Pooh is a walking anti-stress for them.

He loves to be the center of attention and cuddle, just ten minutes in the company of a puppy and the police get the coveted rest and burst of energy.

And veterans remember that in the old days, almost every section had its own mascot animal: cats, canaries, rabbits, etc. But their bureaucracy survived.

Dog handlers say that the amazing friendliness of Sergeant Pooh, who is actually an ordinary mongrel, can be developed and strengthened many times over.

And now we are talking about raising a growing puppy as a full-fledged therapy dog, which will help not only the police, but also everyone who suffers from stress due to professional duties.

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