This pup born with only two legs has captured everyone’s hearts with his adorable personality


This cute 6 week old puppy named Tumbles was born without front legs.

After being donated to the Friends of Shelter Dogs in Ohio, a kind rescue worker offered to design a new wheelchair for Tumbles to help him get around.

With the help of Humans at the Ohio University Innovation Center, the puppy recently received his new set of wheels to help him learn to walk and explore the world.

Tumbles’ first forays with his new wheels were a bit choppy, but that’s to be expected.

The group has also volunteered to provide their services to Tumbles as he grows and changes.

However, he will receive a lot of help and physical therapy to ensure that his hind legs develop properly.

A photo of the puppy on the shelter’s Facebook page was soon seen by a couple who contacted the kennel a little later and offered to make a wheelchair for the animal.

These kind-hearted people came up with the design of the device, and then turned to the Ohio University Innovation Center.

This particular wheelchair for a two-legged puppy was created using a 3D printer.

Of course, the puppy will have to get used to the wheelchair for a long time, learn how to walk correctly and undergo a course of physiotherapy.

Tumbles will not be ready for adoption soon, but for now the little puppy is in an experienced foster family and is surrounded by love and care.

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