Woman refuses to return rescued dog to former owner after she tried to drown him


Latvian Irma Petraskine was walking along the banks of the Daugava in the evening when she suddenly noticed a wet lump lying on the bank.

The dog was frightened and whimpered softly. When the woman approached the wet and cold dog, she noticed a heavy metal object attached to the dog’s collar.

Looking at her, she realized that they tried to drown the dog. Indeed, there were no two opinions on this matter. She took pity on the four-legged creature and decided to take him home.

Irma identified the dog’s intended breed, and the rescued dog ended up being a black and white spaniel. How he managed to get out of the water remains a mystery to all of us.

She managed to untie the piece of wire attached to her collar and hug the dog. Despite the treachery and betrayal that she suffered from the man, the dog willingly went into the arms of Irma.

And when she took him in her arms, he suddenly licked the woman’s face in a gesture of gratitude. He pressed his whole body against the woman’s chest and fell silent.

When the woman returned home, she took to social media to explain the circumstances under which she found the dog. The indignation of readers knew no bounds.

In a short time, 750,000 visitors visited his page. Everyone was shocked by the heartless owner who decided to get rid of the dog in such a cruel way.

But soon the owner of the dog himself appeared on social networks. He wrote to Irma and said that the dog had run away from home, that he had been looking for him for a long time, but had not found him.

The man asked when he could come in to pick up his dog. But the woman was determined not to return the dog to its owner under any circumstances.

She asked volunteers from a nearby dog ​​shelter to come and look after the dog until the issue with the owner was resolved.

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