There is no queue to the cat doctor: a red cat dragged her kitten in her teeth, who needed help in a veterinary clinic


One day, an unusual cat appeared on the threshold of the hospital. She came to ask people for help for her child. In her teeth she carried her little fluffy kitten, who needed help.

The staff already knew the cat, he lived in the hospital yard, and people fed him. However, no one expected the cat to take advantage of the “bliss” and enter without a queue.

It all started with the fact that the red-haired mother brought a kitten and started yelling at the nurses. They, in turn, welcomed her scandal. Then the cat just crawled into the doctor’s office without a queue.

The doctor was at first surprised at such harshness, then he decided to examine the little patient.

It turned out that the mother cat was expressing concern for a good reason: the child was suffering from a serious eye infection.

The doctors contacted the veterinary clinic, who explained how to treat the kitten. The kitten’s eyes were fixed and even her twin was taken outside to examine her.

Sometimes it’s amazing how animals feel their children in such a way and how strongly their maternal instinct is developed!

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