Mother otter keeps her newborn baby dry while swimming together


Such emotional scenes are common in the Animal Kingdom. These special moments brighten our days and it is difficult to compare anything with them.

A mother otter and her cubs spend time together – such a delightful sight! The wildlife photographer captured this cute couple and the result is truly beautiful.

Estercius found them floating. She wears them on her stomach, looking so adorable as if they are sleeping. Then our devoted heroine pumped up to help her swim, and during this time she looked for food.

Esthers, 40, was amazed that a pair of otters could come so close to her from where she was standing. But luckily, he managed to capture adorable photos of the couple.

Most otter mothers are very relaxed as they lovingly care for their young in the bustling harbor. This moment was like babysitting, just like people!

Most species live exclusively in fresh water. However, otters, as their name suggests, live in salt water but also need fresh water to care for their fur and wool.

They are also badly affected by water pollution, the accumulation of biotoxins in their diet, and the disappearance of wetlands.

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