A woman bought a kitten, but it has grown almost to the size of a wolf and growls at night


Maria once bought a small white kitten at a regular market stall. But not even a month passed when the woman began to notice some oddities in the development of the kitten.

He grew too big too fast. A year later, the small creature has grown almost the size of a timber wolf and now quietly growls at night.

As a child, the cat Barsik was no different from ordinary kittens. He was very fond of food and slept more than all the other cats slept. Maria attributed this to the period of growing up.

Then the cat began to grow and grow, he grew day by day. By the year Barsik already weighed 10 kilograms.

After another 6 months, he gained as much as 15 kilos and grew in length to almost one and a half meters.

He eats a lot, it’s true, but it doesn’t matter, they will feed him somehow. Maria no longer liked that Barsik began to growl at night. As if it’s not a cat, but a wolf!

The cat has already been examined by a veterinarian. He believes that Barsik appeared as an extremely unusual hybrid of the Mei-Coon and the Norwegian Forest Cat.

No one can yet know about the growth limits of such a hybrid.

Maria is not too worried about the size of his pet. Of course, she had already begun to be interested in this breed, which sometimes growls so menacingly in the darkness at the door.

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