The sweet dog with a very proud smile waits for his dad to show him the most precious possession of him


His proud face says it all. This sweet boy is Bruce, a 5-year-old doggo who has a hobby and surely any dog will love it.

He has become a creature that collects sticks of various sizes. He’s just become quite adept at doing it already.

He likes to collect them so much that he already has a large collection of them.

The boy has been collecting sticks for a long time. The sweet retriever just took the internet by storm with pictures of him standing proudly showing off his most prized possession.

Once it snowed very hard and it left about 13inches of snow on the ground. So the dog couldn’t leave the house that day.

At that time, he only had one stick with him, which was obviously his favorite.

One day, when there was still a lot of snow on the ground,

The dog left his favorite stick in the field, after which he wasn’t able to find it. He was constantly searching for it, but in vain.

He tried his best to find the stick. He did not forget about it for a long time and even when the snow completely melted, he finally found his precious stick. He couldn’t be happier.

He has been very careful with his stick since that day and this is the reason why he began to gather his already very famous collection.
He already has about 50 sticks. He doesn’t keep them to play with. he just collects them.

When his owner was asked how he feels about his dog’s hobby, he said that this dog is simply the light of his life.

A super unique doggy that daddy is proud of more than anything else in the whole world.

How sweet!

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