The stunning star’s latest act of kindness and generosity just blessed the family of 15


When Shaquille O’Neal sets his mind to something, he will make it happen, no matter what.

He will do it both within and beyond the borders and nothing can stop him.

Waking up every day, he does not forget to do some good deed, which undoubtedly makes his heart the happiest.

Countless stories have been spread about that, but one can be considered one of the most famous, and certainly one of the most generous.

What started as a free dinner for a family of nine turned into a real trip to the Mercedes dealership. Everything will become clear soon.

This family needed a car to accommodate them all. Therefore, when O’Neill learned about it, he decided to buy them a new, large 15-passenger van.

The thing was that their car accommodated only 12 people, and besides that, the air conditioner did not work.

When they received their car, they were simply amazed. It was such a blessing to them. It just seemed unbelievable.

However, that was not all. The next day, the benefactor invited this family to dinner, but in addition to paying for their meal, he also paid for another table’s meal.

Then, when he heard that the restaurant waitress’s car broke down, he gave her $1000 and so on. He is simply incredible.

This wonderful man had prepared another surprise for this big family.

When he found out that the air conditioner of the family’s truck was broken, he took him them the Ford dealership and bought a brand new one.

They simply did not know how to thank him. There are so few people with such big hearts.
It was like a dream for them…

“Thank you @shaq again a million times!!!

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