The most unique duo ever! Zorro and his son captured the hearts of millions with their icredible appearance


I just adore these wonderful creatures. I can’t imagine any day without reading stories about these sweeties.

Today’s heroes are among the most unique creatures in the world.

This is Boy, an adorable cat who nicknamed Zorro for obvious reasons.

The mysterious beauty surprised everyone with his mask and he is not the only one like that. Next to him is his “duplicate” named Bandit.

They are taken care of by Indraini Noor, who had quite a few cats in her house, but one day when she saw this cat, it just stole her heart.

At the very first moment, whoever sees this cat, immediately identifies him with Zorro.

This special kitty has simply captured the hearts of millions of people from all over the world.

And when his son appeared, it was just a boom.

The father cat, better known as Zorro, seems to have transferred all his beauty to his little one.

They are such a wonderful duo that you want to admire them all the time.

The kitten also wore a mask and hat like his father. He was called Bandit because of his appearance.

Just agree that it is impossible to pass by them indifferently.

Their video became popular on the Internet and they have now become real stars .

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