The cat walked 20 km to return to its owners, and they decided to euthanize it


When you adopt a pet, it almost always becomes part of the family. However, not everyone is ready to tolerate animals at home if they do not meet their expectations.

That’s what happened to Toby, a 7-year-old cat whose owners turned their back on him and betrayed him twice.

After 7 years of living with his owners, Toby could not get along with the new pets in the house, and then the cat was given to another family living 20 kilometers from their home.

However, Toby didn’t know what happened and why he suddenly found himself with other people, so he decided to return home at all costs.

After the well-fed fluffy cat walked 20 km to its former home, where it has lived all its life, the cat did not look well – it lost weight, its hair fell out, dirty.

Thus, the appearance of Toby on the threshold of his native house did not become good news for the owners.

On the contrary, they decided to get rid of the cat for sure and brought it to the veterinary clinic to be euthanized.

The veterinarians, having learned the reason for this decision, were horrified. They called the government pet organization and asked permission to go against the client’s wishes and keep the cat alive.

Of course, they immediately received such a decision.

After that, the vets posted Toby’s story on their website and offered to take the cat to anyone who wanted it.

After reading such a sentimental story, Michelle Paquette, a resident of the same town, immediately dropped all her belongings and went to the veterinary clinic.

Michelle already had a pet at home, and her experience with cats left doctors in no doubt that Toby would live with this loving and caring woman.

And the truth is, after joining Michelle, the red-haired handsome Toby was all glowing with happiness and a good life and didn’t run off anywhere. He was also able to make friends with all the family members,

and Michelle herself says bringing Toby to her was a 100% good decision, one that she doesn’t regret for a second.

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