The elderly dog who used to lay under the cars, have been rescued and now waits for his eternal home


The poor dog wandered the streets at night, using the cars as his shelter, under which he always lay.

HFP rescuers, hearing about this dog, decided to do everything to find him and save him from the streets.

Naturally, it was much more difficult for an old dog to survive on the street.So he had to be taken off the street immediately. When rescuers arrived at the scene, they saw him lying under the car.

One of them decided to walk slowly towards that car and first threw some pieces of food to him so that he could win his trust and not scare him.

They know very well how many people treat them and they are afraid and run away from people .

Luckily, when they got close, this dog didn’t run away and that was fine.

Even on the contrary, he began to crawl out from under the car on his own to be given more food.

He even started following one of the rescuers. It was obvious that he was almost starving to death.

He wanted a lot of food, so the rescuers decided to use the food to carry him into an enclosed yard.

After doing this, they closed the gate to prevent the dog from going out.

He surprisingly felt very calm, as if he felt that the hour of his salvation had finally come.

It certainly made the work of the rescuers much easier. A sweet dog named Amelia who needed so much attention…

He wanted to be friends with everyone and even allowed his rescuers to pet him.

Then he was taken to the vet, and fortunately everything was fine. From the hospital, he moved to live with his guardian.

He just feels great there and is an extremely kind and gentle dog. Surely he will soon find his eternal home and everything will end perfectly.

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