Super stylish lady celebrated her 102nd anniversary in the most fashionable style:a Roaring 20s party


Very few people can organize such an epic party like Eloise Lyons did.

The 102nd birthday will be the most memorable in her life.

Yes yes, you got that right, this woman recently turned 102years old.

It is not every day that we celebrate our anniversary, especially that it is the 102nd anniversary.

So it was necessary to do everything so that everyone would always remember about it.

Eloise’s party was in great style, with her friends and family dressed in the style she wanted.

Eloise was also asked what is the secret of her longevity.

One thing she knew for sure, she and her twin sister must have done something right.

Her son replied that the secret was her positive attitude, plus a glass of whiskey a day.

She has been doing this for many years already.

Her sister lives in another city and could not attend the party, but the distance will not stop them from always remembering the wonderful time they spent together.

Happy birthday dear Elloise! We hope that there will be many more such parties and that every other year will be even better.

We also have a video from the epic party for you, now you can enjoy it.

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