An hour before euthanasia, they managed to save the adorable dog who seemed to have lost his last hope.


He seemed to become five years younger…

Life has not always been easy for this sweet boy.

He had to wander the streets of Texas for a long time and one day he appeared on the euthanasia list of the shelter.

One could assume that everything was over and the Bear gave up too, but every good thing happens in the most unexpected way. They news htey received saved the boy’s life.

After staying in the shelter the sweet dog started not even raising his head from the bed and when they looked at him, it seemed that he had lost hope and did not expect to be saved anymore.

He was so calm and friendly. it was unfortunate that his name was included in the “Euth” list. He just had the perfect personality.

But the behavior of the boy named Bear completely began to change when Garvis took him out one day.
Turned out he actually loved being outside.

He walked quietly and felt so free that it was even unbelievable that it was the same dog from the shelter. He even knew how to sit.

He became everyone’s favorite in a very short time.

After that day, Garvis was determined to find a home for Bear and do everything he could to make it happen before ”that day”

And imagine what: he managed to do it. He found a forever home for Bear just an hour before euthanasia.

Now the sweet boy is living his dream life, full of hope and endless love.

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