The jealous dog always wants to make sure wife realizes that husband belongs only to him


It’s no secret that our pets can become overly protective of us, especially around new people.

They may not even like that we start paying attention to other people.

This is especially true in new relationships, but imagine what can happen to married couples when the dog still gets jealous.

Just such a case happened to a couple when the dog developed love only for the husband.

The little dog doesn’t like it when the wife tries to show love to her husband. It was so much fun.

Their relationship just seems incredible to everyone.

Everything started from the very first second of their meeting.

Bristol basically never leaves his father’s side.

He starts cuddling him, follows him wherever he goes and even when they go to bed.

He often even lies in Alicia’s place in bed, thus showing his open complaint and jealousy.

It seems to him that in this way everything will work out for him and Alicia will decide to sleep somewhere else, but fortunately, the dog is small and the woman is still able to share the bed with them.

The funny dog ​​also begins to give the woman one of his most adorable looks, and then rests his head on daddy’s shoulder.

Alicia, however, is not at all depressed by it all, and even when asked about it, she manages to even find positives in his behavior.

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