Here is the largest pit bull in the whole world, Hulk who weighs about 175 kilograms


Here, get ready to meet the biggest pitbull ever, who amazes everyone with his warm and sweet nature.

This pit bull can be considered the sweetest to ever exist on our planet.

These dogs are often described as the scariest dogs, but that’s a myth we’ve been convinced of many times.

They have an infinitely sweet and kind heart and soul, like the Hulk.

This big but gentle boy will just warm your heart. He is the best specialist in it.

This huge guy weighed about 174 kilograms when he was registered as the most important pit bull on this planet in 2015.

Always surprising everyone, Hulk is definitely a big fan of cuddling with his favorite people.

Its owners, Malone and Lisa Grannon, are among the firm’s best breeders.

According to them, these puppies are very gentle and balanced.

Hulk can take care of all the pup perfectly, regardless of their quantity.

They were even offered a lot of money to sell the pit bull, but they would not agree to take that step under any circumstances.

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